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The modern commercial aircraft is a very complex machine indeed with multiple potential sources of fire.


The earlier the point of ignition can be located and the fire tackled, the greater the chance to extinguish the fire and minimize damage, injury or even worse.


Consequently, the cabin crew must be trained to be able to locate, identify and deal with all possible sources of fire in the most expeditious way.


We use realistic Cabin Trainers which incorporate various indicators of the initial signs of a fire such as, heat, smoke and sound. These are designed specifically to train the crew to quickly locate the source of the fire and then select and apply the correct fire fighting technique.


The actions of the trainees are clearly visible to the Instructors, who may intervene at any time to correct their technique.


The training scenarios can be varied and expanded to gradually increase and test the level of ability of the students. The result is a fully trained crew that is competent, confident and capable.


When it comes to train to actually fight a real fire, we can design and provide a dedicated Fire Training System or perhaps use a mobile Fire Training Pan and we can incorporate our simulated Fire Extinguisher System to significantly reduce costs and problems associated with the release of real fire extinguishers.


Aircraft Cabin Crew Trainer