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Often safety codes and standards require the installation of fire fighting equipment within a building but few actually insist on correct and practical training in their use and application. The result is that a fire which could have been contained and extinguished easily at a very early stage can spread causing fatalities and tremendous damage.
Just training the staff or regular attendees in that building – be it office, bank, hospital, school, university, factory or shopping mall – to correctly select and apply the right extinguisher for the fire can prevent serious injury or even worse.
The training does not need to be extensive or time consuming and, using our Mobile Fire Training Pan technology does not necessarily mean that they have to go to any special fire training ground. The training could, for example, be held in a car park – just cleared for the period of the training.
The basis of the system is a gas fuelled fire training pan. What makes our system unique is the patented water bath and burner technology which mean that we can safely (with instant shutdown) replicate any type of fire.

The system uses readily available bottled gas and the intensity of the fire and height of the fire may be varied to suit the level of training. With the addition of fire props we can demonstrate the correct fire fighting technique for a whole host of common objects and equipment – and even people – who must be extinguished quickly and correctly in order to minimize injury and prevent fatality.

Such props may include:

-   TV or computer monitor

-   Stove top

-   Clothes rail

-   Frying pan

-   Electric motor

-   Waste bin

-   Barrel

-   Storage shelf

-   A device used to demonstrate the explosive nature of aerosol cans Class D fires.

Option: Environmentally acceptable, biodegradable, smoke generator.


Mobile Fire Training Pan