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Your investment in your air crew is very high indeed and it is vitally important to train fast and effective crew extrication to ensure their survival in the event of aircraft fire. We work closely with the aircraft manufacturers to ensure that the extrication techniques that may be applied are correct and effective.


Addition of live armaments complicates the situation greatly of course and the risk of ignition of the armaments cannot be over emphasized. It is vitally important to know how to prevent ignition of these armaments and to minimize the risk of catastrophic collateral damage and injury to any surrounding aircraft, crew and structures.


Without doubt, this is one of the most serious and demanding applications of our technology. Design of the Hot Fire Training System must be very specific to the aircraft and armaments likely to be encountered.


Military Aircraft and Helicopters offer their own unique problems because of the use of light and flammable metals. A simple type, Class A or B fire can rapidly degenerate in to a Class D fire with potentially catastrophic consequences. Combine this with the possibility to have to deal with on board armaments and you have a major challenge to any fire fighting team. Adequate training to ensure fast and effective fire fighting technique is essential to prevent serious loss of life and high collateral damage.


Aircraft Fire Training - Military