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Utilizing a combination of the many techniques and technologies, we can safely and realistically create a training system for virtually every type of natural disaster, terrorist activity or major accident.


This could, for example include:


-   Collapsed Buildings

-   Earthquakes

-   Avalanches

-   Damage Control Trainers

-   Highway/Tunnel Crash Trainers

-   Search & Rescue Operations


We work closely with the end user to ensure that the training objectives can be safely achieved whilst meeting and exceeding all relevant local and international codes and standards.

The level of the training and complexity of the training will depend upon such customer requirements. For example, we can use computer controlled hydraulically movable blocks or frames and part structures to alter the training scenario or simulate effect of aftershocks and incorporate challenges for the First Responders in terms of simulated water and gas leaks whilst additional realism may be added by the use of sound/noise generators, heat generators, introduction of non toxic biodegradable smoke and even real fire and simulated explosion. First responders can also be trained to deal with flooding (Damage Control), burst hydrants and blocked drains.

Safety, of course, is paramount! And in addition to the safety features listed below, all training scenarios are designed to have a minimum of two clearly identifiable and non restricted escape routes.

Cold Trainers