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Accidents and fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, plane crashes and explosions – action forces all over the world have to demonstrate their ability daily.

The need to train such disasters is very important for reacting quick and effectively. In many disasters with fire, smoke is a main cause of death or serious injury. The right approach for elimination of hazard is important.

It is hard to simulate such a situation. Hot Fire Training Systems can be used to effectively train fire fighters to deal with real fires. Our Training Units are close to real life, they are hot and safe!

Our mission is to convince you of our safe and real Hot Fire and Emergency/Disaster Training Systems.

Within our company we can draw upon decades or practical fire fighting and fire training experience.

We have access to many unique patents which optimize safety, increase realism and significantly reduce operational costs.

We understand, as practical fire fighters, that the training must be performed step by step. We aim to instill respect and not fear or complacency. Each visit to one of our training systems is just a bit more challenging than the last. The degree of difficulty is adjusted to the level of competence of the trainees and gradually increased their ability improves.

We can even design and manufacture systems to safely train for Flashover and Rollover.

By maintaining very close contact to our clients, we have been able to develop a range of Cold Trainers as well to suit their exact requirement (see Special Applications and Cold Trainer), please feel free to contact us for any specialized training application.


All of our systems are designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain.


Simplicity of Operation


Our systems are designed to be easy to operate. Our systems are multilingual and user-friendly with easy to understand control panels and self explanatory touch-screens. We incorporate extensive systems diagnostics and self checks.

Certification, Training and Accreditation


Our systems are all TÜV Certified or inspected by an independent and approved Third Party Inspection Authority.
Full operator/maintenance training packages are included and training accreditation can be arranged under European and US standards, if required. Customized training packages (maintenance and operation)  can be arranged at point of manufacture or on location.

Safety and Environment


Where relevant and appropriate, we can incorporate every major safety feature including, but not limited to, E-stops, supervisor/instructor pendants (hard wire and wireless), video monitoring (IR and visual), fire fighter tracking and monitoring of vital signs, full gas detection and temperature monitoring. We provide frequency controlled combustion air (to avoid CO build up by incomplete combustion), high volume purge capability, structural cooling and temperature control, full systems diagnostics and self checks and we use safe and environmentally acceptable, biologically degradable artificial smoke.

Maintenence and After Sales Support


Wherever possible we utilize local construction with qualified support partners and proprietary locally available materials to reduce maintenance time and cost. A Hotline and 24 hour e-mail support and maintenance contracts will be offered as recommended options. Key spares and parts will be stored locally to minimize any operational downtime.