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Is space for a Fire Training System limited, such as for a containerized or mobile unit it is particularly important to get the design right to incorporate as many training features as possible without compromising safety.


Another problem is the effect of the thermal shock caused by repeated and frequent high heat cycles. We, Phoenix, use only tried and tested specialist materials and design to ensure that our Fire Training Systems continue to function for an extended period.


In terms of regulations, in Europe at least, a specific standard refers to “interior fire places” – DIN 14097 Part 2. We believe that this standard should be regarded as a minimum requirement and design the performance of our internal fire training system to exceed this specification.


A wide variety of fire training props can be installed in the structure such as stairwell fire, kitchen fire, sofa fire, curtain fire, bed fire and wardrobe fire. For example a gas meter prop is designed with a ball valve. Isn’t that closed the fire cannot be extinguished.


Computer controlled selection of the Fire Scenario can enable the fire to grow or spread or even enable a Flashover should incorrect technique be applied.We differentiate between a Rollover and a Flashover, the general public intermixes these terms.

Clear monitoring of the trainees in terms of location, performance and vital signs should all be included.


We have developed an trainee surveillance software with chip reading systems transferring all personal data of an trainee to the control screen, including telemetric systems for pulse frequency and physical constitution. Full visual surveillance via Thermovision cameras displayed on screens in the control room comply the full information about any training session.


The “Firebird” Fire Training System is fully mobile and may be installed on the back

of a trailer.


Structual Fire - Fire House (Mobile & Containerized)