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Our modern multi-lane road systems with its high traffic density pose a high hazard capability. Many vehicles are travelling at quite high speeds with a wide variety of vehicle types and cargos. These cargos can vary from highly flammable fuels, toxic chemicals and even explosives and radioactive materials. A deadly cocktail in a multiple pile-up.


The First Responders must be trained to quickly identify the potential hazards, contain the situation and save life.


Two incidents are never the same and the priorities of the First Responders must change to suit the situation. They must be trained to be able to do this in an instant.


A full Highway Trainer will consist of multiple vehicles of differing types which may be relocated to differing locations to train for the many differing types of accident scenario. Fire fighting, extrication techniques and first aid training should be included.


At the simplest level, we can provide a single vehicle for fire training. For example, the Civil Defense or Training organization may decide to order one vehicle type initially and then expand to a series of vehicle types over a period of time.


The end result will be a safe, realistic and fully variable Highway Training System. It will save lives.


Highway & Vehicle Fire Trainers